Monday, 10 February 2014

Dear BlackCaps

Dear Blackcaps

Yes, I'm doing it again. Dropping you a note because I feel that someone has to. It might as well be me hey?

You need to hear it directly from us, your team of 4 million, because the media have got it wrong again.
Whoever hit the town, or the bar, or their feet, or the booze- all of that should never have been given headlines at a time when we are all drunk with euphoria over that epic Test win at Eden Park. So I'm not going to refer to it again. Because this is about you guys, the ones who knocked the Number Two Test side off in our own backyard.

I sat in the stands of Day 5 of the English Test at Eden Park so I've suffered along with you when you should have had the win. I even took my lads out of school that day so they could witness a live lesson in courage and determination. It must have worked because they begged to be taken to Day 4 of the India Test at the Garden of Eden. I even told them that I had a feeling you would take 9 wickets and we would be the victors. It wasn't going to go to five days. The signs were already there. All that talk about India having two days to score their runs, didn't really ring true to me. Our bowling attack is ferocious at the best of times, more so when they can smell the victory.

You know, the crowds at the Garden of Eden may not have been massive, and nowhere near what you would see on tour overseas, but they knew how to make some noise.There was plenty of atmosphere and people were there to have a good time and enjoy the day- wherever it may take them. They certainly were very good hearted. I even saw quite a few New Zealand and Blackcaps flags waving in the breeze.

I need to spell out some of the awesomeness that I saw. The pace bowlers really were phenomenal. The movement they got off the ball, the commitment to keep coming back even when they were smacked into the hoardings by some very polished batsmen was truly special. I never saw them drop their heads once.
 And guys, keep up that 'controlled aggression'. Have a good close look at the batsman's nasal hair, no need to say anything. We all know what you're thinking.
 Welcome back to Wagner. Our favourite new New Zealander. We've missed that special spicy blend you bring to the table! Keep on serving it up.

And to the batsmen. I cried tears of joy when Brendon raised his bat to the crowd for his double century. Tears for all the months of frustration, disappointment and close finishes. Tears for the sheer relief of finally pulling it off, and against a very capable and determined opposition. And tears of sheer pride because you're one of us.
  My cricket going lads  adopted Corey as their new hero as he smacked balls around Nelson Park a few weeks ago, so we were all pretty stoked to see another exciting run at the Garden.  And Kane- bless him. He serves up the kind of batting porn that only he can. That straight bat is truly a thing of beauty, and imitated up and down the country every Saturday morning by kids in grass stained white pants. As for Rosco, where do I begin? You've been the poster on the kids wall for a long time. But this 2014 version? Unbelievably good!

My only teeny suggestion going forwards? Come back out and thank the crowd. There were loads of kids and die hards waiting to thank you personally for doing what you did. We all knew you were exhausted, and Kane and Tim popped out for a bit, but hey think it over for next time.

I told the kids that they didn’t understand it yet, but that victory would go down as one of the most significant in our cricketing history. It was the first time I had experienced such scenes and I’ve been watching you guys for a pretty long time.

At this point I don't care what the Indian supporters are saying or doing either. It's not about them. This is about us. You are our Blackcaps. And it's your time.

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